Genealogy Lectures

Pirates and Prisoners: The Registry is more than just Deeds
Deeds are an important research tool. But a trip to the Registry of Deeds can provide much more than just deeds. A deposition can reveal biographical information about your ancestor or provide the names of the men who worked at the local mill. You can even find information about pirates and prisoners. Learn about using deeds, depositions, mortgage deeds, land plans, certificates and much more. These often forgotten records might be just what you need to solve genealogical mysteries.

Two chairs and a pair of spectacles: Discovering your ancestors
in Probate Records

Probate records can reveal more than who inherited the house. They can provide the names of children and grandchildren as well as offer a window into the lives of your ancestors through estate inventories. Probate records can reveal land owned in far away states that you never knew about. There can be records for those who died without wills as well. This lecture explains the benefits of using probate records such as wills, guardianships, estate inventories and administration.

Deeds & Probate: A Powerful Combination

Did you know that all the members of a family may be named in an old deed? Have you ever tried to get a close-up view of what your ancestors wore and the tools they used from an estate inventory? Learn how to use the records of the Registry of Deeds and Probate Court to further your genealogical research. Deed and probate records can help resolve brick walls as well add breadth to your ancestor’s personal story.

Looking After the Poor: Finding Your Ancestors in New England
Poverty Records

Discover how your not so wealthy New England ancestors may have left behind a wealth of information found in town poverty records. Come find out about “strangers taken in”, “warning out” and settlement law. Marian Pierre-Louis will take
you into the depths of New England town records to reveal the hard to find information about your elusive ancestors. This is one of my most popular lectures.

Cemetery Research for Your New England Ancestors

Locating the gravestones of your New England ancestors can help propel your genealogical research.  You may find new information on the gravestones or discover unknown ancestors buried nearby.  Researching gravestones in New England can be a little different  than other parts of the United States. This talk will help you get the most of your New England cemetery research.

Don’t Call Your Relatives, Let Them Call You!

How genealogical smarts and a little web savvy can send your distant cousins right to your inbox. Harness the power of the internet to get the attention of your distant relatives. A website, blog and even Facebook can be used effectively to find family members who can help in your genealogical research. Using the internet is easier than ever these days. Learn how to create a well thought out blog or website that will provide enough genealogical data to attract your distant cousins without giving away your future manuscript. You don’t have to have a fancy website to have an effective website. Discover the recipe for success that balances design and content.