Lecture Topics

Marian Pierre-Louis has spoken regionally and nationally at genealogy societies, libraries, historical societies and genealogical conferences.

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Discovering Online Oral History and Audio Collections to enrich your research

Audio and oral history collections are an underutilized resource for genealogists. This presentation provides an overview of major collections, what you will find in them, and discusses ways they can be incorporated into your family history research.

Use Your Genealogy Skills to discover the history of the people who lived in your house

You can research the history of your house whether it is 20 years old or 150 years old. Marian Pierre-Louis will introduce where to find the deeds to your house, how to chain a deed, and locating other sources of information such as the US Federal Census records. Come learn some tricks to get the most out of your house history research. This talk is appropriate for both beginners and those who have some research experience.

Verifying Information You Find Online

When we have brick walls and other challenging genealogical puzzles we search anywhere for clues that can help us. That can include online trees and other information with unknown sources. This presentation will demonstrate how to verify the information as true or not.

5 Steps to Becoming a Good Ancestor

Genealogists are very good at researching and learning about their ancestors’ lives. But sometimes they forget that it is important to provide information about themselves for their own descendants. In this presentation we’ll provide five ways to leave traces of yourself (and your research) for those who come after you.

How to Capture and Preserve Oral History Right Now

One of the most important things you can do right now is to capture information from your living relatives. They can provide details about how your relatives are connected as well as share stories and memories about family members who have already passed away. You and your descendants will treasure having the recordings in the future. This presentation will discuss low tech and high tech ways to capture oral history interviews. We’ll talk about the apps and equipment you’ll need, how to preserve the recordings and how to share them.